Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoneyTor?

MoneyTor is creating a new personal financial management experience, one that fits right where we are. MoneyTor starts with a deep dive into your financial history, then engineers your path to wealth using its AI powered approach.

When you have your path mapped out, MoneyTor helps you with all financial tools like the where to, how to, when to, should you questions about your money.

Is MoneyTor a Bank?

No, MoneyTor is not a bank. We are however integrated with over 1,000+ financial institutions across North America and Europe.

We are a licensed financial service company emerging from Alberta here in Canada and very soon coming to the States and Europe for a full world wide experience. We can all agree, that finance is one thing that affects us all.

Is MoneyTor really free?

Yes, that’s something you should ask and YES, MoneyTor is free. Your next question would be why or how could it be free right?

MoneyTor is sustained through 3rd party services or other financial services that members subscribe to via MoneyTor.

Even though we operate an headless system, your information is NEVER shared with anyone.

Is my information safe with MoneyTor?

YES, we understand how sensitive your financial data is and we took it seriously. MoneyTor secures your information using state-of-the-art technology, all your information are encrypted using 256-bit encryption and all our servers are monitored 24/7. That coupled with the fact that we operate an headless data service that doesn’t tie your profile to your data.

Do I have to link my financial accounts to use MoneyTor?

To get the best out of MoneyTor, you would need to connect your financial institution to MoneyTor. Connecting your accounts only lets us read data we need to help you towards your Financial Wellness. MoneyTor has no power nor authority to make transactions on your account whatsoever. If you have more questions regarding connections, reach out to us via

Does MoneyTor share my personal information with 3rd-parties?

MoneyTor will never sell your personal information to anyone. We may from time to time only share information with partners that enable it to provide services to you. Such services are requested only with your permission like Credit Score reports, loan applications, investment profiling, Insurance etc.

Can I access my MoneyTor account from my mobile phone?

Yes you can. MoneyTor doesn’t have a mobile app at the moment but its mobile-friendly website would give you the best mobile experience you need when managing your account with us.

Does MoneyTor have a Joint account view?

You bet! We realize people need more than viewing their own accounts, so we created a joint account view for as many accounts as you want. You can select exactly what needs to be shared and how you want the joint account to be managed.

My financial institution is not listed, how can I request to add it?

That’s interesting but not to worry, you can request to have it added by emailing us at: